Sand Collection

I decided last year to start a sand collection just because I liked how they look. Here is part of my collection so far:


It’s a visual reminder of places I’ve visited and good travel memories. I store them in spice jars, and label them so I will remember. What do you collect?

Regards, Carla

50 thoughts on “Sand Collection

  1. Honestly Carla! When I looked at that picture I thought they WERE spices! Good thing I can read!

    We are talking non-quilty collections, right?

    Old cookbooks (especially those with handwritten notes in them and any from war-times.) I have a least one from each decade from 1890 on.

    Mixing bowls. I particularly like yellow-ware with blue bands, but I am attracted to ANY kind of mixing bowl.


  2. Let’s see….what do I collect??? Well FABRIC of course….LOL

    But seriously, I love moose for some reason so I’ve started collecting things with moose on it 🙂

  3. Isn’t it fun to collect stuff? I have an antique scale collection, plus a fiesta ware collection. Oh yes, I buy antique cameras for DH, Joe, too.

  4. I guess my biggest collection is firetrucks. The smallest is a Hallmark tree ornament and the largest is a 1946 Chevy Pumper. That truck was bought for us for a Wedding gift 10 years ago. We have so much fun with it. It still runs and it doesn’t matter where you go in it, you are always in a parade!

  5. wow, it’s really cool to see all of the different colors of sand in your collection.

    i used to collect spoons, but haven’t added to that collection in many years.

    i have a lot of angels, but it seemed like when i started collecting was when everyone else did, too, so it didn’t end up being something that meant as much to me (didn’t want to have the same stuff everybody else did…)

  6. Want me to send you some Pismo sand or are ya ever gonna come get some yourself? LOL

    I collect lotsa stuff….

    BEDROOM: SHOES (ok, and purses)
    STUDIO: Thimbles & odd pin cushions
    LIVING ROOM: Swarvaski crystal figurines
    KITCHEN: Very cool dishes ( pottery is coolest)
    Cookbooks, I especially get a bang out of trying to decifer foreign language and metric

    YARD ART: Rocks.
    like your sand, I snatch a rock wherever I go, trouble is, I left them all at our home in Stockton! They are so pretty there? LOL I should begin again here. Good Idea. I’ll start with a moonstone from Cambria:)

  7. I have a most cherish canning jar that is filled with sand, sea glass, starfish, shells, and other treasures from our trip to Maine five years ago… I adore this jar.. because it takes me back to those precious memories.

    I believe alot of people collect natural items from places they visit, but another collection I love is my collection of cds from local artists… I adore music and love listening to those cds to carry me back to a particular place and time.


  8. Very cool sand collection! The colors are amazing.

    I’m kind of boring. I collect dishes. Not sets. Just 1-3 at a time. I have a few dishes out as decor but most sit in drawers. . I just can’t resist them. I like to put my jewelry in cool bowls and I have mugs with pens at each desk. I hate our everyday dishes….go figure. You’d think I would have my dream set the way I love dishes.

    Oh and frosted plastic glasses lol. I can’t resist them. But I don’t use them either. I like to drink out of pretty stemmed glasses, makes getting your 64 oz. of water down easier if it’s in crystal lol. But show me a cheap plastic glass in a color I don’t have and I have to buy it. But it can’t go in the kitchen because it doesn’t match anything lol.

  9. I love the idea of a sand collection.
    I used to collect pig things, but when I moved here I stopped.
    I’m not really into cleaning so I try not to collect too much stuff anymore..that excludes fabric and thread of course.
    my favorite collection …. so to speak… my daughters 🙂 they are the best!

  10. Hi. sand collectors. I live in Belgium West Europe.My hobby is collect beachsand and small lava stones from all around the world. I started my collection in 2004. When I began my collecting, I never imagined that sand could be so different from beach to the next. the most facinating thing for me is the enormous variety of colors and grains of sand. I find sand interesting, becaus the grains tell us storis about millions of years. One of the simplest and most efficent ways to increas my personal sand collection is to eschange sand with others. I would be very happy if you like to send me sand or small lava stones. I will send you sand from my country too. I do not care if your sand is from small river near your hometown , lake ,beach desert or from moutain. It would be very frienly if you will help me.
    I hope to hear from you soon. Than I will send you my address

    I want tanking you in advance.

    Daniël Jacobs

    • Daniel~
      If you are still looking for sand, I recently moved to Qatar in the Persian Gulf region. I collect sand, too, and I know this country is not one that many people have collected from, so I am willing to send samples. Let me know if you are interested.


      • Hi Lindsay. Yes I’m interested in your sand from Qatar.
        Let me know it if you will send it to me. If you will I can send you sand from my country too.

        Greetings: Daniël Jacobs.

        Daniël Jacobs
        Tempelhof 4
        8000 Brugge W.V.L.
        Belgium. West Europe

    • hi there, my name is shaun, and i am from canada. I collect sands from around the world and i am looking for
      ppl to trade with. If you are interested, send me an email.

      • Hi Shaun:
        I posted my interest in sand collecting after you did, so you probably missed my entry. But I am interested in trading sands with you.
        Ed (Las Vegas, NV)

    • I’m Dyah from Indonesia.I started to collect sand just couple years ago,so I’m a new begginer..i like to collect sands becouse of the color,and variety texture,that even we visit the beachs that near each other, they are different.It would be so great if we can exchange the sand we have.I would send you sand from lava of Merapi Mountain.It’s very active Volcano Mountain in Central Java.Also Karimunjawa beach sand,Qatar beach sands and beach sand in Jogjakarta.Can You send me Your Address?so that I can send you the samples..And i hope you send me yours.thank you…

      • Hi Dyah and any others:
        I collect sands, as well as soils, mostly from my visits, but also with the help of friends, family and students I teach. I have over 500 samples and display them in 2.0 ml glass shell vials (15 x 45 mm).

        Give me an address and I’ll send you some of my samples for yours, like Pink Coral Sand Dunes in Utah; Newport Beach sand, California.

        I’ll send you some small plastic bags that I use which hold about a tablespoon. Tell me the size of samples that you collect. I just started collecting larger quantities for trading.

        27 Salimson Way, Las Vegas, NV 89110, USA

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  12. Where did/do you get your jars? Let me know! We started our collection and need ideas for storage.


    Kris, I searched for spice jars because I like the size. I actually found (and bought) several boxed sets at my local Big Lots- which is a bargain dollar store in parts of the US). You can also check out restaurant supply stores- their prices are also competitive since they cater to restaurants and caterers.

    You can also google “spice jars”- or also check out your local IKEA, if you have one. Once you start looking, I bet you’ll soon find one that fits your needs. Good luck! Carla

    PS: if you find one, be sure to take a picture and link back so I can see your collection. LOL!

  13. Hi, I’m a french sand collector, and I started the collection in 1997. Now I’ve got more than 4500 samples.
    If you want to have a trade with me, don’t hesitate to contact me ;-))

  14. Hello,
    I’m a swiss sand collector and I’ve got 200 samples.
    If you want to have trade with me don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Regards :o)

    • I live in Qatar (I’m American) and I collect sand as well. Let me know if you are interested in a trade. I am a fairly new collector, and my collection is back in the states, but I can send sand from here, which is not as common.

      • I was just in Qatar but forgot to get sand as I was too excited about getting sand from the Maldives. Would love to possibly trade with you. I only collect sand from where i’ve been. Thanks

      • Sure, would be happy to send some. I decided to only collect where I have been as well, since it could get out of hand quite quickly otherwise. Anyplace specific in Qatar? I have some from Doha Corniche and Dukhan beach as well as the Singing Sand Dunes. I could fairly easily obtain others since the country is only so big. You can email me at lindsaycannon (at) yahoo (dot) com. How were the Maldives? That is on my “bucket list.”

      • Hi Lindsay, hope you get this! I would love to start a trade with you! Please contact me at and we can work something out.
        Brian, Ontario, Canada

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  16. Hi!
    I use to fill up the glass only around 60-70% with sand.
    Than you see the natural surface when you lay the glass on the side.

  17. I’m a sand collector, too, and have been for over 20 years. I’m looking for crystal clear jars, 4-6″ tall, with any type of lid or cap or stopper. It’s hard to find jars that are “crystal clear” so that you can really see the detail in the sand. ANY IDEAS??? Thanks!

  18. Hi Lisa, I was lucky to find the jars I did. There were spice jars marked down on clearance. Try a Kichen supply store, would be my suggestion. let me know if this tip works. Carla

  19. Hello, I’m a french sand collector, I’ll be so happy if tou have some sands to trade. I have many sands all aover the world to trade.
    Best regards.

    • Would like to open a correspondence with you. I have over 500 soil and sand samples in my collection and am just starting to think about trading.
      See entry above to Dyah.

  20. I would love to find “crystal clear” jars, too, Lisa. 4-6″ would be perfect. I have searched high and low for years, but everything I find is thick glass and you simply cannot see the quality of the sand through the thick glass. I have been collecting since 1982, and all of my samples/specimens are stored in zip-lock bags. Anyone have any specific suggestions other than restaurant- and kitchen-supply stores? I’ve tried Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, IKEA, Michael’s, even Walmart, and I can’t find anything that is “crystal clear.” HELP!!!

  21. I found mine at a kitchen only store. It had lots of choices with storing spices. I actually opened the box to see the spice jars. When I found what I liked, I bought several boxes. I bet you could write down the contact info and contact the manufacturer directly.

    I have also seen collections using test tubes. Interesting when mounted on the wall in a special display case.

    Try googling spice jars and you will see a wide variety.

  22. Wow, there are a lot of us crazy sand collectors out there! I am trying to get sand from every country and still need 88. If you are interested in a trade please contact me at
    I collect and trade 30ml samples (a film canister size sample) and have over 200 different sands to trade.. Thanks
    Ontario Canada
    PS. I can use sand from Qatar!!!

  23. Boy Carla, can I relate to that sand collection! Back in the early1990’s quit my job and moved to Arizona to do just that….collect sand! The goal was to build a custum Harley to take me to every corner of the state and collect sand from as many towns a poss.Before the first scoop of sand was placed in a small glass bottle, had already spent four years on building the “sand collecting” vehicle.
    Sep 11th 2001 put an end to my sand travels as I was relocated to Spain.In all I was able to get 171 bottles of Arizona sand and they were all right next to me inside my carry-on over to Spain.Hope to paint an acrylic painting of the Grand Canyon using some of the sand.
    Goes without saying,…when I look at those sand bottles, I revisit Arizona!

    • Bernie, I hear you… on my recent trip to French Polynesia and The Cook Islands, it took lots of control to not collect sand while there. No room for more, unless I only collect test tube size samples. I do have a couple samples from AZ, a red sample from Sedona and a black sand sample. Btw, I like the idea of your painting with the sand, sounds like a great project! Hope you were able to take your Harley to Spain, too. Cheers, Carla

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