Onto New Projects

I finally finished the freeform crochet scarf custom made especially for my drawing winner last month, Karen. It will go into a box today- along with other goodies from my fiber studio- and mailed off to the 3 winners.

Here’s a sneak peek of the scarf, modeled by one of my wee bunnies.  Btw, more info on how to make your very own wee bunny is found here:


It is long enough to wrap around once or twice- depending on how Karen wants to wear it. I will take a few more pictures to share after she gets it in the mail. Don’t wish to ruin the full surprise!

I am also packing the drawing runner-up’s boxes, too. They have been very patient, so that means they get more goodies into their boxes! LOL

Time to turn my head to other projects now. Keep watching!


3 thoughts on “Onto New Projects

  1. oh oh oh……. I am so excited!!! tap tap tap where is my maillady?????

    (I will let you know when it arrives…..unless you hear my excited screams yourself)

  2. Patience, dear Karen!! I’m still filling boxes, remember? LOL In my quest to find cool stuff to send along, I am now getting sidetracked by sorting messes in my studio. I promise to let you know when it is enroute!!

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