My iphone bill

Imagine my surprise when my first iphone bill arrived in the mail from AT&T.  The first clue something was not quite right was the thickness. I open it and discover the following. Please note that each sheet of paper is double-sided and uses teeny tiny font:


Besides being plain silly to send their customers a bill like this, from a business standpoint, it is stupid!  The added pages do not tell you any useful information.  The added cost to AT&T must have hurt them, as well.

I love my iphone, you all know that.  But I am disappointed in Apple’s decision to use AT&T as their wireless partner.  Most of the time when I am away from my home wi-fi, and I must rely on AT&T to get my email and surf the web, the service is slow or non-existent!


Oscar Update:  The first picture I posted of our new kitty, Oscar, was not very flattering.  Oscar is finally settling down, so I was able to take another picture of him.  Isn’t he a cutie??



5 thoughts on “My iphone bill

  1. The Oscar is just beautiful and adorable, but so darn skinny!! I just want to send treats through the screen to start fattening him up!! 🙂

  2. I have been hearing inklings about the iPhone bills. Is the service a lot more expensive? They sure look good, if they can do all they say. Glad to hear you love it – except the bill! Cute Oscar!

  3. Oscar is indeed a very handsome boy! Will be fun watching him grow up.
    AT&T will go broke spending all that money on paper! As you said, not a good business decision.

  4. Carla,
    I saw a video on YouTube that showed a customer opening her bill; it came in a flat box and contained 300 pages ~ yikes!

    And yes, that kitten is adorable. I’ve been thinking about getting another cat. I haven’t told my 16 year old daughter, because I’d never hear the end of it if I changed my mind. : (

    Will he be jumping onto your quilts in the frame when he gets older??? Cats can be soooo naughty.

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