Walk Down Memory Lane

I was hunting for a certain picture the other day on my old laptop and found a file folder of customer quilts from when I was a brand new machine quilter. It is fun to see what I quilted way back when I was brand new:

pinwheelone.jpg plumfunthree.jpg earlyfreehand.jpg pineapplegoose.jpg


This next series was a ruined quilt that I saved by quilting it densely where the customer had fused the applique without trimming the fusible. The before:

antbfore.jpg and the after: antafter.jpg

This quilt was saved in the end and it went home in it’s matching bag:

antbag.jpg Oh yes, I remember quilting the following items onto this quilt: wineglass, wine bottle,swiss cheese, fried chicken, and other picnic “Carla” motifs! I was glad I had been able to save the quilt for the owner.

The next one I did with about 4 months experience. This was my first quilt I ever premarked before loading and my very first ruler quilt:


kari3.jpg kariquilt2.jpg starred-and-feathered1.jpg

Quilting the “faux” borders on this pieced quilt was a new idea for me at the time- and it was perfect on this quilt. I felt the client’s stars needed something to unify and pull them together.

Anyhow, it was fun to revisit some of these quilts. It is also fun to see how I have matured as a machine quilting artist since then.

I would like to challenge my machine quilting readers to post some of your early work on your own blogs! 🙂

Meanwhile… enjoy your weekend! Regards, Carla

PS: I really should list the piecers /owners of the quilts above:

Pinwheel Quilt- Virginia Nicholmann

Plum and Ant quilt- a designer named Mary ? (I’ll have to look her name up from records.)

yellow/blue and pinapple block quilt: Molly Evangelisti

Feathered Star quilt- Kari McDonald


13 thoughts on “Walk Down Memory Lane

  1. Carla, what a treat! Loved the trip down your memory lane. You are such a talented artist and you give me much inspiration. Wish my first quilts looked that great!

  2. LOL! My work is STILL early work! I remember that your photo of the blue/tan flying geese is one of the first photos that I saved and printed for my idea file.

  3. Good grief! Your first quilts? I’m into my second year and just starting to look like what you did from the get-go! My hat is off to you – talent just oozes from you!

  4. Oh Carla, you were spectacular right out of the gate!
    I too have you to thank for flying geese feather idea:) And I think the koi fish you did inspired me to draft bamboo shoots! lol I think maybe my all time favorite so far has got to be the SHOES… the hairy legs…lol I love that quilt:) You are truly an artist!
    Oh! PS: Congrats on the new baby!

  5. I have a few of these in my file. I can’t believe these are your early work. Wow, you really are gifted! When I look at my old pics I want to cringe lol.

  6. You all are making me blush! I really enjoy quilting. Next year, I hope to do some personal quilts for me. Anyhow, thank you!

  7. Your work as a *brand new* quilter is pretty amazing. I would think that your drawing ability serves you well as a quilter.

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