Meet Oscar!

We have a new family member, a darling 5 month old kitty named Oscar. We adopted Oscar from the local kitty shelter. Amy named the kitty “Oscar,” without knowing that Oscar was also the name of Lynn’s kitty. What a coincidence!


Oscar is settling down after being rather high strung the first day. I love kitties- and DD Amy promises to clean the cat litter each day . Hmm… anyone venture to guess how long that promise will last?? LOL!

Enjoy your weekend! Carla


10 thoughts on “Meet Oscar!

  1. Norman is now Oscar, he is a cutie, Amy sure picked out a handsome little fella. Hugs to the 3 of you….. Wishing you a fabulous weekend, I think you deserve it…. Love to You!

  2. Oh Carla, he is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! That delicate nose and chin and that blue/gray coloring. Give him a scritch behind the ears for me, please….. I miss having a cat…….

  3. He’s adorable, Carla! I think Amy has picked a fine name! LOL. My Oscar is named after my grandfather, Oscar Lonzo Morris. I give the kitty litter box routine 3 days. Zack was supposed to keep ours clean too! HA! LOL.

  4. Another Oscar in the family, cool! He’s a beauty – from that headshot he looks to be Russian Blue with a little ‘Meezer in the mix. Bless you for giving him a forever home.

    I’m with Lynn – 3 days, tops, LOL!


  5. Its been since Wednesday and the cat litter has remained clean! 5 days and counting! Muhahaha!

    Oscar has been very shy around everyone. I’m trying to show him a life outside my room (My room is like his sanctuary). Just have to keep him from clawing my mom’s living room rugs and the leather sofas. XD

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