WIP scarf

Good Day!  It is WIP Wednesday Thursday, so I thought I’d show you a picture of my current project.


My style of freeform crochet is indeed very freeform, very textural.  I literally have 25 skeins of yarn I work with.  I am shooting for an overall look for this scarf, color and texture being my palette.

My style of freeform is different from others.  Most FF artists whose work I so admire create small bits of crochet, called “scrumbles.”  Then they put all the scrumbles together for a cohesive look.

I like to just take a piece of yarn, crochet a shape, then add another… and another until it “feels right” to me.  I keep working the piece until it is finished.

In the world of freeform crochet, there are no rules.  That is what I like about it.  If anyone is interested in FF, and wants to know more, just leave a comment and I will get back to you privately.  There is also an online group of FF artists you might wish to join called International Freeform Crochet.

Enjoy your day!  Regards, Carla

PS: I have a new addition to my family to share tomorrow….


11 thoughts on “WIP scarf

  1. It looks great! I am so anal retentive though that I could never do that. It would drive me nuts! I’d get started and the next thing I would be adding pieces in some sort of symmetrical fashion.

  2. I love the very organic look of this method. If I only had more hours in the day I might be very tempted to explore the method. If nothing else I can enjoy the colors and texture vicariously.

  3. Gina, you crack me up! No, I think I’ll be evil and make you wait….. LOL!

    Thanks for the freeform comments. I am really getting into the colors of this one.

  4. Good morning Carla!!!! It’s “tomorrow” here on the East Coast! LOL
    I’d be extremely interested in the FF crochet if you’d contact me. I’ve been looking at your piece closely and just can’t quite get it. I’ve got all these loose, odd bits of yarns I couldn’t resist in the leather chest in the living room. And I’m so tired of “regular” scarves. Yesterday at Michael’s I bought 4 more skeins of yarn…..who could resist, they were clearance priced at $1 each!!!!!! I’m going back to town tomorrow and there’s a few blue ones I didn’t get that I may just have to stop and look at again!

  5. Hi Carla–nice to see you on altered artwear & also nice to know there’s someone else who does my style of freeform rather than scrumbles. (not that I don’t do scrumbles on occasion, but mainly I mix yarns & my stuff just grows!

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