Dreaming of the shore…


I must confess to missing the white sandy beaches, sailing around the coral- stopping to snorkel and relax. I miss the laid back Caribbean bars, sipping rum drinks and listening to the music. To ease our transition back to reality, Joe and I are doing the following:

1.Researching and planning our next sea adventure in 2008. Yes, we have decided to spend our next vacation in a tropical locale, bareboat sailing, snorkeling, gathering beach glass and sea shells. We are thinking of either the South Pacific or a different part of the Caribbean.


2. Testing our own recipes to find the perfect Painkillers and other tropical drinks. We have finally settled on Mt. Gay Rum for smoothness and taste.

3. Joe organized all our BVI vacation photos into a DVD set to music. With #2 above in hand, it almost feels like you are there again.


4. Books to read: To maintain the Caribbean spirit, I am reading “A Trip to the Beach: Living on Island Time in the Caribbean” by Melinda and Robert Blanchard, the owners of Blanchard Restaurant in Anguilla.  Joe is reading  “An Embarrassment of Mangoes,” by  Ann Vanderhoff.  So far, we both heartily recommend both books.

5. iphone:  I created a Caribbean mix of songs to put me in an Island mood.

I hope to create some tropical art quilts to keep the mood going.  Of course, I first must finish some commitments.  I’m almost finished with my Islamic WIP now though- Woo-hoo!!


Joe works for an employer who gives their employees a sabbatical every 7 years.  Last sabbatical, we spent most of it traveling through England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.   On Joe’s next sabbatical, we are leaning towards touring the South Pacific including Australia, Malaysia, Langkawi Island, New Zealand, and other islands.

Thanks for bearing with me as I continue to make the transition back to life in Northern CA.   This was one of the most memorable vacations Joe and I have had together.  Can you tell I miss it?  LOL!


3 thoughts on “Dreaming of the shore…

  1. Carla, When you get the tropical painkillers all figured out, you’ll have to share the formula’s, so the rest of us can share in your tropical mood. Your pictures are just delightful and very relaxing just looking at them. Keep sharing the pictures and it will leave all in a tropical mood.

    Karen L

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