My Home- DIY

Many of you know I built my own house, acting as owner/builder last year as documented on the old blog with stories of Woody, my redneck contractor and Rancher Ed. I love my house- especially since I got to design and pick everything out. Since my old blog was deleted, I will repost old information from time to time.

For new blog readers, here are some pictures of the house. My house is set on 5 acres, among a large cattle ranch with oak trees. It is a one story home with 8 foot tall doors and even taller ceilings. The master is deluxe and has both a library and studio:


(In case you notice a ladder in the pic above: that to keep the cows out)

and the view out any windows:


Detail pictures:





And last, but not least… my studio before I messed it up with art stuff:


I love my house, but now need to plan the landscaping. I will design most of it, in case you are curious, and have already drawn the plans for the front. This fall, we will install the landscaping according to my design. The hardscape (walkways, patio) are already in.

We also need to finish the entrance gate, complete with communication system, lighting and other doo-dads. The entrance pillars and gate will also have a similar stone finish as shown in the lighting photo.

I hope to show you any progress we make over the full process. We are taking our time, and will do most of the work ourselves if we can. Obviously, parts of it we need to hire out- such as the stone mason work.

Enjoy your Sunday!! Regards, Carla


8 thoughts on “My Home- DIY

  1. You have a beautiful home. I laughed about the ladder as we don’t contend with cows, but with the elk and I’ve set up some interesting barricades over the years.

    Do you have a problem with snakes coming close to the house?

  2. Hi Teresa, no snakes seen, but we do live in rattlesnake country. Believe it or not, the house was built over a large nest of scorpions, so we have seen one or two since the house was finished. Little one inch specimens.

    My favorite part of the where we live is looking at the visiting cows and turkeys each day. Occasionally, one of Rancher Ed’s cows comes by the house to give birth. Let’s just say cows are noisy when they have their babies.

    My dog just seems to ignore both turkeys and cows. Go figure!

  3. Carla, Nothing beats living in the country, having animals as the neighbors are great. Peeping cows have never bothered me. I have lived in the country all my life and no way could I live in the city. Your home looks really nice. We’re working on planning our landscaping, the only problem is DH and I have a different opinion on the hardscape so we are at a standstil until we get that issue resolved, but atleast its grass so we arn’t dealing with black dirt.

    Karen L

  4. Carla,
    You have a beautiful home. I’m curious, what does your studio look like now? I love the cow blocker. It’s hard to believe that a little ladder would keep the cows away, that cracked me up!

  5. Carie, LOL… let’s just say it is NOT that clean any longer!! 🙂 Actually, since my house was designed pre-longarm, I had to go back to the designer and have them make adjustments- kick out a wall xx feet.

    My studio was one of the spaces I did not have the cabinet guy touch. But since I clearly need organization for ALL my supplies, I will most likely make due with Ikea cabinets. I’m planning on painting one of my chickens on canvas (or 2) for this one wall for color. The other walls will have either tall bookcase cabinets with glass fronts or quilts.

    Anyone want to share their studio pics?? LOL

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