My Work-in-Progress (WIP) Wednesday Friday project this week is two-fold: A quilt for a special friend and my freeform crochet scarf for my Drawing winner.

I cannot show you the full quilt, because I do not have permission, but I can show you just a fraction of this quilt:


I designed the pieced border area quilting channeling something I saw before- which is the concept of interlocking circles filled with original freehand fill. I used thread that will blend rather than pop because I wanted to give this quilt interesting texture, yet not overpower the focal point of the overall piece.

The gold border is just one of the many freehand variations I do for smaller borders which play off motifs used elsewhere in the quilt. In case you were curious- and new to this site, I quilt with a longarm quilting machine.

Other WIP: I mentioned late last week that I have started a custom freeform scarf for Karen, my Grand Prize Drawing winner. I hope to finish it as soon as I get the above quilt completed and delivered. Then I will focus on getting my Drawing winners their surprise packages! In the interest of surprise, I will hold off and show you photos after the recipient gets their package. My Drawing winners, thank you for your patience!

Enjoy your weekend, anyone care to share what plans they have?? Regards, Carla


15 thoughts on “WIP!

  1. I like the gold border treatment. Simple, but more interesting than just a swirl on its own.

    My weekend plans: this is the weekend of our town festival. Parade tomorrow…woohoo….I’ll probably be home most of the day, but the boys will get to spend the day wearing themselves out on the inflatable “rides”.

  2. I love that border treatment but I do have one question……how do you determine the size of the circles? I’ve tried laying out different circles and can’t seem to get them to interlock that way???

  3. Wow Carla, your pictures never disappoint! I love that sneak peak!!!!!
    What am I doing this weekend? Tomorrow a friend and I are going to the McColl Center for Visual Art for the open studio Saturday, to be followed up by a trip to the bead shop!!!
    And the rest of the weekend will be spent transferring software to my new laptop.

  4. Your weekend plans sound exciting! I need to quilt to catch up.

    Sharon, I would like to tell you that there is a complex mathematical formula I use, but instead I found a bowl the diameter of the border, then chalked it out, measuring the distance between.

    Then, in low tech/math mode, I simply figured out which quiltez size circle fits and quilted it, and the next size down. Is it perfect? Probably not. Does it look even… yes. LOL

  5. I love the border treatment! What a cool use of circles! I like when you post pictures of your quilting…you give us a lot of inspiration!

  6. Carla, When is that book of yours coming out that will have all these neat smaller border treatments I see on yours quilts. I’ve seen some I’d really like to use, but don’t want to until they are published!!!

    This weekend, we are harvesting our wheat crop (a very lousy one because of excess rain this spring) so I will have my body parked in the grain cart, which is a very boring job.

    Karen L

  7. Carla, what a beautiful sneak peek! I hope you’ll be given permission to show us the entire quilt.

    This weekend’s plans? Maybe attend a neighboring county fair……or maybe just work around here (blech).

  8. Carla-
    Love what you have done.
    Our DD is getting married. Yeah! Think of us at 4 Central Time…at 4:15 the wedding should be done!! This last week has been so-o-o-o stressful, I’ll need a “honeymoon” to get over it! (Grin)

  9. Carla,
    I love the look of that border so far. I hope we get to see the rest of the quilt. As for the weekend, still unpacking and making sense of all this mess.

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