Fiber Food revisited

Since my previous blog archive has been lost, I am going to update and repost some of my favorite art projects. This one is called Fiber Food.

Background: Last year at ArtFiberFest, I met a fun group of women while out in the hallway at tables set up for us to create, work and laugh. Next thing you know, a decision to form a round robin style fiber project was proposed; one involving plates made out of fiber- each with an individual theme.

My theme was a retro TV dinner. I made an empty tray along with a blank menu, and sent it around to the talented participants. Here is what I received back at the end of this unusual round-robin exchange. Remember, each food item had to made out of fiber:

carlasfinishedtvdinner.jpg foodcu.jpg

Here are some close-ups pictures so you may see how amazing each artist is:


The talented artists who created the above food are:

Lori Seavey-Christian– Crispy Southern Fried Chicken

Laurie Giberson- Cinnamon Baked Apples

Deb May– Garden Felted Peas and Carrots

Jen McGahan- Mashed New Potatoes with Fresh Country Butter pat


Do these look realistic or what??? I will search around to locate the fiber food items that I made for others. This fiber food exchange was documented in Issue #4 of Portals Zine.

Enjoy your day! Regards, Carla


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