Studio Tour

Today, I had the pleasure to meet 2 wonderful fiber and quilt artists named Deb Cashatt and Kriz Sazaki and get a personal tour of their studio. Together, they run a successful business named Pixeladies, which has taken image printing to a high art form indeed.


In addition to their spectacular photoshop and other photo manipulation skills, Deb and Kris also have developed 4 innovative purse patterns– two which I own and two more I will own in the future [see one above]. Be sure to check the link for a closer look at how cool the patterns are.

I have asked Kris and Deb permission to share some images of their art work on my blog in the near future, since I was so incredibly impressed with their art and would love to feature it here. In addition, these 2 creative women have invited me to visit the local Studio Art Quilters Association (SAQA) meetings with them and I will be quilting a project for them. I am indeed honored!

Kris and Deb were an artistic breath of fresh air and fun today! Thank you for bringing your artistic joy to me!

Regards, Carla

2 thoughts on “Studio Tour

  1. I’m glad you finally got to meet Kris and Deb — two of my favorite quilt related friends. They are SO creative and so much fun!! I need to get some more photos to them!


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