Shells and RAK

I wanted to share a picture of some of my shells I collected on my travels. Please note that I did not collect any live shells. In addition to the various shells, corals, and even some beach glass (not pictured), I found some old beads near The Rocks on Virgin Gorda. Click the image to see the shells larger, by the way.


Probably the highlight of snorkeling was spending time floating above the tropical underwater seascape and watching sea life first hand. The experience was extremely therapeutic for me, intensely calming. I thrilled when the school of stingrays soared beneath my sister and I, 5 or 6 of them with sucker fish tailing along. They settled on the bottom, and then disappeared under a layer of sand.

I was able to locate a sea turtle on a reef, take some pictures of it, then watch in amusement as Dave chased after it to no avail. Discovering lobsters hiding on the reef in the daytime was another rare sight. The only fish I saw that made me uneasy were the eels and the barracudas. The barracudas left us alone, but were extremely curious fish and would hang out under our boat at anchor or in the moorings.


RAK stands for “random act of kindness.” I arrived home to find some RAK sent my way from 2 woman. The first is from Canadian artist, Beverley Teichrob, who is a member of my FiberATC group:


Beverley has never met me, has never read my blog so she didn’t know I was on a tropical vacation, yet her delightful RAK ATC, titled “Carefree Summer,” was perfect for me! Thanks Beverley!! May good karma and artistic harmony come your way!

The second was from Gayle McKay. Gayle was kind enough to send me some cool tropical plastic bags that I have been collecting for a freeform crochet project. Thanks, Gayle!! Appreciate your kindness!! Gayle is a machine quilting artist who lives in Sandy Lake, PA.

Off to start a new freeform crochet project now… In the meantime, enjoy your week.

Regards, Carla

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