Carla’s sketchpad

I thought I would share a section of my sketchpad I used on vacation to let you see how my mind works. I always seem to bring along on my yachting adventures a cyptogram book. If I get bored, I can doodle, draw or solve cyptogram puzzles. Here’s a page relevant to the previous postings:


I love my scuba chicken… he was a 30 second sketch that just flowed off my pencil. The other sketches around are just more doodles. Cows are funny, so I’m designing a cow character… the head is on the other side of the page if case you think I like headless cows.

Here’s a cartoon I drew up based on the sketch above:

I’m off to the yarn store to pick up some recycled sari yarn. Love this stuff as it is very textual to me and inspiring. Today I start the freeform crochet scarf promised to Karen S., the grand prize winner in my drawing earlier this month.


New Link!! For my art quilters and quilting readers, please be aware there is a brand new quilting related forum just up and running named MQResource. The list owner is my friend, machine quilting artist and author, Suzanne Early. Be sure and join today to become a charter member (the first 100 to join, I believe).

Enjoy your day! Regards, Carla


6 thoughts on “Carla’s sketchpad

  1. Oh Carla, your chickens always give me a smile…now I have cows to look forward to, also! I love chickens and cows. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

  2. Carla, That cow is just to good, and a holstein (white with black spots) is the best, the kind we had on the farm when I was growing up. We had chickens (egg layers, don’t get me started on those “old bity hens”), you have given me a whole new way to enjoying life on the farm. I look forward to seeing more of the holsteins.

    Karen L

  3. Thank you, y’all! My grandparents had a dairy farm (holsteins, of course), I loved to visit the farm growing up. My grandfather would call the cows for their milking by tooting his truck horn. I always loved to watch the afternoon milking, but NOT the 4:00 am one.

  4. Carla, Carla…….
    Get a cowtoon for my Mom’s Shop since she lives in the home of Tillamook cheese. When we get there we always say, “Oh smell that Tillamook gold”, ahhh yes those cows are gold for the Tillamook farmers…… Great talking to you today, my how I missed you. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful trip, one well deserved. Hugs……

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