More Bareboat Adventures in the BVI


The British Virgin Islands, or BVI for short, provided the perfect backdrop to our first bareboat chartering adventure. We picked up the Lagoon 440 catamaran in Nanny Cay on Tortola, then after provisioning (you can pre-order this online, btw), we sailed to Norman Island in “The Bight” for a lunch at Pirate’s Bight and dinner and drinks later on a converted ship/restaurant and bar named The William Thornton:


We fell in love with the cook and bartender on board the Thornton, and it had nothing to do with the free round of drinks we received when they learned this trip was a 25th wedding anniversary trip for both couples. Ok, well maybe the drinks helped a bit. Anyway, we loved the Thornton and The Bight so much that we came back and stayed our last night of the trip in the Bight nearby.

By the way, while the service and ambiance of the Thornton was wonderful, the Pirate’s Bight restaurant provided slow, slow service- even by “Island Time” standards.

While in the Bight, be sure to snorkel at The Caves and around the points of both sides of the bay.

We stopped the next day to spend some quality time at The Indians- not too far north from Norman Island. See why:


The snorkeling was top rate- worth a stop if you are sailing by. Joe and I circumnavigated the Indians twice and at times were surrounded by schools of tropical fish, frequently hundreds or thousands at a time. Incredible!!


From this point, we stopped a night on Cooper Island, based on the advice of a co-worker of Joe. To be honest, it was a rather boring spot, and worth bypassing on my next trip there.

From there, it was on to the North Sound,Virgin Gorda, where we spent one night at The Bitter End and the next at Leverick Bay near Pussers. I recommend dinner at Saba Rock next to The Bitter End and the Friday Night Beach barbeque at The Restaurant in Leverick Bay. The music was great, the buffet one of the best I have ever eaten (I am usually not a buffet fan. To me buffet means “old food.” Not here!).  Nightime entertainment featured Mocco Jumbies (Caribbean stilt dancers), which appealed more to the younger crowd- especially those liquored up quite nicely.


Who did I bareboat charter with? It helps your comfort level if you have not one, but two professional yacht captains on board, my sister and brother in law, Yvette and Dave (seen above). When not sailing with us in the BVI’s, Dave and Yvette manage a fleet of yachts for a very wealthy, un-named individual. In the mega-yacht industry, Dave is well known as the former captain for the 151-foot Sallie Ann (renamed the D’Natalin), a Delta Marine built mega yacht and now listed in the top 100 largest yachts in North America. Dave and Yvette took the Sallie Ann 1 1/2 times around the world!!

Be sure to bookmark my blog if you are a new reader, particularly if you want to hear more about bareboat chartering a yacht. Usually this blog is devoted to art pursuits, my Feathered Fiber cartoon, and other fiber related posts. From time to time, I will help out, when asked (or maybe I beg) on one of D&Y’s yachts that they manage. You might wish to check my archive for my adventures aboard The Wombat, as well.

For my quilting and fiberart blog readers, my blog will soon get back to art type posts. Just be patient if my travels bore you- LOL!!

Enjoy your day! Regards, Carla


13 thoughts on “More Bareboat Adventures in the BVI

  1. Reading about your yachting adventures could never be considered boring (in my opinion 🙂 ) as you have traveled to some beautiful locales. Thank you for sharing some of your photos with us and stories about what you experienced. The schools of fish sound truly neat….were they colorful fish like what we see in photos when people are snorkeling in Hawaii? I’m not a water lover, even though we use to go out in our boat often (a 38′ trawler style–currently up for sale, LOL), but I do enjoy reading about others’ adventures on the water.

  2. Hi Teresa, thanks! Yes, those beautiful tropical fish you see in the aquarium were what we swam with!! It felt like I was swimming in the tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!!

    I will list later on all that I saw and swam with!!

    Thanks for posting a comment!

  3. I do not find this boring at all! I love to travel, love to snorkel, love to eat, love to take pics, so… I am living vicariously here! LOL

    But, what do you mean by the term “bareboat”? I am not a sailor type!

  4. I’m enjoying reading about your latest adventures! When we went to Hawaii a few years ago, I also fell in love with snorkeling. I would have been perfectly happy to just be in the water every day! I’m so glad you had a good time, and I look forward to seeing more pictures!

  5. Nice photos, Carla… sounds like a lovely time! I haven’t snorkled in 6 or 7 years, and you reminded me how lovely that was … in Hawaii.

    Love the shells!

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  7. You mentioned “The Wombat” in your post, are you refering to the 40 foot sailboat called the Wombat in the BVI, I was wondering because I have that same boat booked for 6 days in July and was wondering if you found this boat to be in good shape.


    • Hi Jeff, No, the M/Y Wombat is a Lyman Morse designed motor yacht of about 90 ft length.

      My husband and I will be back in the BVI next month on a new Sunsail 38 foot cat for 10 days. If our path’s cross, I will say hello.

      What company are you chartering with? Cheers! Carla

  8. Norman Island, home of Pirates Bight Bar, Restaurant, and Gift Shop, is perhaps most famous for being the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island. However, Norman Island also has a rich documented history of acting as a hiding spot for Pirate booty.Documented history for the island dates back to the early 18th century when a Spanish galleon called Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe buried 55 chests of silver coins after the crew mutinied aboard the ship.

    • Lucy, well said! Have been to Pirate’s Bight many times, and would like to visit your restaurant again in November, when we visit Norman Island again. Is the restaurant under new ownership since I wrote my previous review back in 2007? Btw, we subsequently tried your restaurant again a few years later and had a great experience.

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