Bareboat pictures

Vacation pictures can really be boring, I’ll admit. I will try to amuse you while I show you a few more pictures. Btw, I also took 2 underwater cameras along to capture my snorkel experience. These are traditional underwater cameras, so I need to drop them by a photo place for developing.

I’ll start with a picture of our actual boat. I took this picture from a dingy while on our way to get drinks and dinner. Arrrrr, matey!

What do you do if your boat flips?? This is the escape hatch in our master cabin. Notice how vibrant the color of the ocean is?? Incredible!



The above photo was taken at Marina Cay from our seats in the beach restaurant. I confess to having one too many rum based drinks, and I embarrassed myself by falling into the dingy (tied up at the dock) and doing a flip- landing on my back. This is most unusual for me as I am normally a tea-totaller. Here’s a picture of me before I tried to jump into the dingy:


Anyhow, I had to endure MUCH teasing after my dingy adventure. LOL Luckily for me, I can laugh at myself.

Regards, Carla

8 thoughts on “Bareboat pictures

  1. Welcome Home Carla! I love hearing your anniversary ‘sea tales’! Hope your back is A-OK after the fall. Those ‘rummy’ drinks can play havoc with the best of us! Here’s to Mai-Tai’s and more!

  2. You do realize you take the coolest pictures!!!! I love those clouds in the beach one.

    But I’m confused where exactly IS the cabin on that boat? I think of cabins as being below deck, but there’s not really a below deck on one of those? Or is there?

    Glad to have you back home!

  3. Molly went on her anniversary trip to Hawaii while I was gone to the BVI’s. Do tell how your trip went, Molly??

    Thanks to Susan and Christine, too!

    Judy, it is hard to see in my first picture, but there are actually 5 cabins or berths on this boat… all in the 2 cat hulls. A catamaran is actually much more roomy than a monohull boat. The salon is very huge and has a sitting area, a kitchen and a pilot seat.

    We also had a huge flybridge up top, where we controlled the cat, and handled the jib, mainsails and boom. Plus there was aft cockpit and a forward cockpit, too. If you wanted more room, you could lay on the 2 hammocks up front. Spacious for 4!

  4. Beautiful Carla thank you for sharing, is your forehead sunburned?????? And I hope you did not hurt your back when you fell, ahh, drunken pleasures(okay well lite pleasures, hmmm a warm buzz) sometimes backfire on us (lol)…. Welcome home……..

  5. Ahhh – my 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii was heavenly! Spent 10 days with 14 close friends. Had a very special renewal of our wedding vows …on the beach. So fun – and DH was presented with ‘the quilt’ – a Mary Lou Weidman storyquilt that I worked on for two years! Still not finished – needs to be embellished…but it is the story of our first date (a blind date). He was thrilled …and Carla did the lovely quilting…including special words and places that HE needs to find! I took loads of pictures…and we too, had many ‘rum based drinks’! LOL

    Thanks for asking, Carla. We need to GT for a photo sharing lunch!

  6. Molly, we must get our guys together to meet! Then, after they hit it off (since they have so much in common), we can plan a rum-based mini-trip somewhere. Do you two love to sail or snorkel? LOL!!

    Molly’s quilt was the secret project I needed to finish before my trip. She worked so hard on it and it was fun to quilt! Very imaginative, too!

    I’ll email you to calendar a get together, Molly.

    Ronda, yes, you have sharp eyes! Even using sunscreen, I got a wicked sunburn- especially on my back. I ended up having to snorkel using sunscreen, plus extra clothing or my rash (a type of water shirt). Of course, it is already fading….

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