Back Home in California

Joe and I arrived home late last night just before midnight. I confess to feeling a bit jet-lagged, but I’m not complaining since we just went on a trip of a lifetime. Here is a typical picture of what the view was like, this one was taken in Sandy Cay, which is part of Jost Van Dyke Island in the British Virgin Islands.


To sum up my trip, we had a GREAT time!! I fell in love with snorkeling, I believe I went snorkeling several times per day. The sailing and nighttime entertainment was also fun. We met lots of people along our journey and had lots of laughs! I haven’t relaxed this much in 20+ years.

Now that we are back home, it is time to get back to work. I have a number of quilts to do for some various shows. Tomorrow I will share with you my shell collection. Everywhere we went, I was scouring for “dead” shells, that is, no disruption of live critters. I also brought home a half dozen sand samples for my growing sand collection.

Back to unpacking… while I dream of running away to the sea. Regards, Carla

8 thoughts on “Back Home in California

  1. Welcome home! You’ve been missed! Typical view? Picture postcard perfect–I’ve never seen anything that lovely in person. What a heavenly time it must have been. I enjoyed seeing the photo of you & your DH…what a special and memorable anniversary trip!

    Happy (belated) Anniversary!

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