Back to Florida!!

Hello, my pictures are still in my camera, but we finished our cruise yesterday and flew back to Florida.  We all had a magical time on our bareboat catamaran adventure!!  I will talk more about it when I fly home to California tomorrow and can post some pictures. Btw, this image is taken borrowed from a BVI travel site:


I did manage to fall in love with snorkling during my travels and saw lots of incredible sights.  I also drew some autobiographical snapshots of my chicken doing various stuff while on vacation.  It seems I am unable to travel without at least a pen and some paper.

Tonight is our final night in Fort Lauderdale, so we will eat out one last time at a nice restaurant- J. Alexanders.  We also need to rest up for a full day of travel tomorrow- also from the trek yesterday from Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI to FL.   Here’s why…

Yesterday morning, we sailed the boat back to its home port at Nanny Cay, filled up the tanks on the cat and checked out.  From there, we taxi-ed to the ferry port on the west side of Tortola, took the ferry to the American Virgin Islands, checked in to US customs, then got on board the ferry for two more stops- ending at downtown St. Thomas. 

We nabbed a taxi for lunch at the Greenhouse Cafe, then took another cab to the airport.  Yes, another search and check through US Customs, even though we had already checked in.  From there, we flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico, then on to Fort Lauderdale.  Yes, we took our 4th taxi of the day back to where the car was stored.  Are you tired yet??  LOL

Tomorrow’s flight involves only 2 legs.  A breeze, really!

Ok, since I’m officially still on vacation, I’m putting on my swim suit and jumping into the pool.  Then, to ease my transition, I will have another “Painkiller” rum drink.  Cheers! 

Regards, Carla


9 thoughts on “Back to Florida!!

  1. Welcome back, glad to see you had a fantastic time, can’t wait to hear your stories, Enjoy your last hours there….

  2. Welcome home, sorta. LOL!! Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. Sounds like a mahvelous way to celebrate an anniversary!

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