Completed Inchies

I stayed up late last night to work on my inchies. Inchies are teeny tiny minature 1 inch quilts really. What do you do with them? In my case, I will ship them off to the organizing artist, who will then divide them up so everyone gets a variety of inchies from the other participants. This swap is for ArtFiberFest 2007- which will be held later this year.

Here are four of my finished inchies (I made 35 for this swap):


You might notice some of my wine birds printed onto fabric, then ironed and stitched onto the inch quilts. I love this little guy is why… as soon as he emerged from my pen I knew he/she had personality.

Every so often I’m adding an alphabet stone bead to the mix. Did anyone know I LOVE fonts?? LOL

2 days until we are on our way to Fort Lauderdale to spend a few days getting supplies (snorkel gear, etc.) at my sister, Yvette and her husband, Captain Dave (remember him from the Erie Canal boating trip?). They have a beautiful 3 story condo that is decorated wonderfully. The 3rd floor is where I always stay. I love her bamboo floors, too, and artwork from their around-the-world yachting adventures.  I’ll take some photos when I get there to show you why.

Yvettie has internet, so I will continue my blogging from her house. When we fly out to Puerto Rico to catch a ferry to Tortola- where we pick up the 44 ft. Lagoon Catamaran

catamaran440.jpg then I will not update the blog until I get back to Dave and Yvette’s house in Florida. I am bringing along my camera, plus a few underwater cameras to hopefully capture the scenery for you.

Yvettie and I do not like to cook- so at dinner time you may find us at a remote bar/dining place with our tropical drinks in hand. We figured this was cheaper than hiring a chef to come on board. LOL

Off to think about packing, buying more tender vittles for the kids back home so they don’t starve too much during our absence, and other such travel related chores.

Enjoy your day!! Regards, Carla


11 thoughts on “Completed Inchies

  1. The inchies are adorable! I don’t know if I would have the patience to make 35 of those. I can’t wait to see the beautiful pics you will be posting when you return. Bon Voyage!

  2. I love the birdie inchies! I think I’d go bonkers if I had to make 35 of them, though!

    I hate to think that you’ll be leaving again in two days, but I want you to have a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Know that you will be missed something awful!



  3. Carla,

    Would you mind sneaking me into your suitcase? I’m kind of small…..but I do like to eat and drink with the best of them…..I’m so envious!!!!

    Have a blast and I look forward to seeing your pics and updates when you get the time.

    Karen A.

    PS – Thanks for explaining what you plan to do with the inchies…you really had me stumped on that one.

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