To celebrate my first 100,000 blog “hits” since I’ve been blogging, I would like to have a drawing. The winner gets a surprise, it is bound to be something wonderful. To enter the 1st Feathered Fibers blog drawing, just post a comment under this post and your name will go into a bowl.


On July 7th, I will draw the name of a lucky blog reader. Good luck!!

Regards, Carla


48 thoughts on “Drawing!

  1. WOW!! You’ve come a long way baby!! Are you ever popular!! I look at your sight whenever I need a lift and a smile — keep it up. HUGS Barb

  2. Carla,

    You are the most popular blogger I know! I check every day to see if you have posted a new cartoon or one of your cool projects! Congratulations!


  3. Carla, I love to check your blog. The cartoons crack me up. I thought of you when I read the post on LA chat about the shop. Have you ever thought of making cards with the cartoons on them and selling them. I think that they would go over very well in the LAC shop that Johnny and Linda are planning.


  4. My favorite blogger ….. and quilter! Congrats Carla…you are an incredible inspiration to me – and so talented! Congrats…and here’s to the next 100,000!

  5. Oh Carla, 100 grand is alot of visits in the year or so you’ve been blogging. Your feathered fibers are the best. You should do a calender of something with these chicken things. I usually don’t do chickens (I grew up picking eggs from old bitty hens) but your chicken thing has softened me abit. Congratulations to a great quilter and inspiration.

    Karen Langseth

    PS I hope I win, cause everything you do seems to be fantastic.

  6. 100,000! I can’t even imagine it. Have just been looking at your finished quilt pictures–lucky, lucky customer. Blog on! How long to the next 100,000? (No pressure!)


  7. Carla, I wasn’t going to enter, but heck, a chance at a CarlaB original? Foolish not to try! 😉

    I enjoy seeing all that you create and share!

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  9. Oh great. Now I’ve found one more place that I need to keep up with. !!LOL

    I’ll be awaiting my surprise 🙂

  10. Count me in too! Hey Carla, I was surfing the t.v. channels yesterday and happened to stop on a soap opera in progress–As The World Turns— because I recognized the scenery—guess where the story line was being filmed? SILVER DOLLAR CITY!!! I thought of you right away. I stood there and watched the excitement unfolding in the Wilderness Church and plan to check in today to see what else happens.

  11. Man, see what happens when my internet is down for a week. I miss all the fun lol. What a fun idea! Leave it to you Carla = )

  12. AM I too late!? Oh well at any rate….I am glad the fires are moving away from you now! Take care!

  13. WOW!! I just found your blog and all I can say is AWESOME. I love the look of your quilting. So Swirly.

    Thanks for posting the pics.
    Desert Threads Quilting

  14. Oh, so happy I got home from vacation in time to read this and enter! Love your blog – yours is the reason I got brave and started my own blog.

    And good good news – today we got the Prince moved to the studio – now I can sew and quilt in the same space. Yippee!!

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