I thought I would give you my iphone review: Joe drove me to an Apple store and we walked in. It was crowded, but there were lots of helpful staff. No waiting. Joe told the salesperson (a female one, btw) what we wanted- which was the higher memory one (8gig). Joe also bought me a clip on holder, so I could have it at hand the whole time- like a good dweebista. Also a jawbone bluetooth headset for hands free nirvana.

We drove home to set it up. No more waiting in the cell phone carrier storefront while they approve you and get your number. You now do this in the comfort of your home. It was apparent that Apple spent alot of time (like they are known for) on the end user experience- from the sleek packaging of the iphone, the box it came in, and the notion that the customer can easily set it up in the comfort of their own home.

The weak link came next… Apple’s partnership with AT&T. The software turned me down the first time- despite having a very high credit score. It wasn’t apparent if this happened because the system was overloaded or because it wasn’t well thought out. Anyhow, I needed to call my local AT&T storefront and work out the problem. I was the first person they had talked to that had purchased an iphone, so this process took longer than usual.

Finally, working with AT&T, we hit on the fix- and I could finish moving over my files from my itunes account, internet explorer and my email accounts. No problem there. Now it was time to see what this techno-toy will do. It can:

phone friends and receive calls, play any one of my 2500 songs I have in my itunes library (yes, I love music, thought don’t ask me to sing), play video, tv shows, books or movies that I’ve downloaded. It can also surf the net, check email, there’s also an easy button for checking weather, stocks, taking notes,a calculator and maps. Oops, almost forgot text messaging and taking photos with a photo album. And a youtube button as well.

Is your head dizzy by now? Apple offers classes on how to use this or you can check out the how-to video on the Apple site.

This is the best techno-tool I have ever owned!! Thank you to Apple for coming up with this product. I would write you a thank you letter only I’m too busy playing with my iphone.


Brewfest 2007- In a local 49er Gold Rush town, they have an annual Brewfest. This year was the biggest we have seen. They turn the town’s Belltower into a big beer mug seen here:


Above, people are taking time out from sampling the beer to listen to the band. It is a fun event and I only tasted a few sips per brew. In other words, I behaved myself and did not make a public spectacle of myself…. this year at least! 🙂

Off to quilt again…

Regards, from Carla

2 thoughts on “Techno-gadgets

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  2. THIS looks like good fun:)
    I have to wait for the second round for my Iphone:( Its ok, I get to listen to all the stuff from you first! I’ll it all then eh! LOLOL

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