WIP Wednesday

Thought I would show you what I am up to on the creative side. I am currently working on a quilt for a friend. Here is my quilting plan for this batik quilt:

batik.jpg batikborder-copy.jpg

I do this for most of the quilts that I work on. I take a picture of the quilt and will import it into photoshop to draw my design plan. The block design above is a variation of a Jamie Wallen pattern (thanks, Jamie!). My border design is a different way to quilt piano keys. Usually quilters will quilt horizontal or vertical lines in that last border.

Another creative project I’m working on is watercolor. I want to experiment bringing color to my cartoons and sketches. If I like it, I will show you the results.

If time allows, I would like to start a frog tutorial from the purl bee blog site. Every quilt studio needs a frog to keep you company and to help keep you from having to remove stitches from a quilting oops. This is called “frogging” a quilt in quilt-speak. Anyhow, the purl bee site is worth bookmarking and reading when you have time.

The last WIP I have going is some new cartoons. I tend to draw as the inspiration hits- I do a prelim. sketch, then will redraw it later. I also draw while watching TV in the evening.

That’s it!! Enjoy your day and if you feel like sharing your WIP, please do. I love hearing from you all!

Regards, Carla


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Love the quilting designs, is this the quilt that I sent you some thread to try????? I have a little frog pattern hanging on my design wall waiting to be created, someday.

  2. I had to laugh Tuesday. I recieved my latest offer of green coffee beans and they had stuck in a newsletter. The cartoon of a chicken holding coffee was no where nearly as nice as yours!! Love the batik quilt!

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