Another Wine Cartoon

(cartoon removed by artist)

The cartoon drawing (above) is a special “Wine Time” I drew for Gina to thank her. Gina has a wonderful sense of humor and she was kind enough to send me her secret family margarita recipe. I showed an earlier version of this to a good friend- and the feedback I received back was that the wino chicken looks like it is playing spin the bottle. LOL- I decided to leave it in just for that reason. The quote about “Wine 30” comes from a comment posted by Gina.

My daughter, Amy, had surgery yesterday on her hand. The surgery was successful (thank goodness!) and she came home telling me that her anesthesiologist knew me and talked about my recent yacht trip. Small world, isn’t it? I still pinch myself thinking about the trip through the canals and the Great Lakes. I can hardly wait until next month when we rent the catarmaran and sail around the BVI (British Virgin Islands).

Enjoy your day! Here’s some flower pictures I took while in the cute town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, in Canada.
moreflowers.jpg poppyniagara.jpg flowers3.jpg flowers.jpg

3 thoughts on “Another Wine Cartoon

  1. I love it Carla! Thank you! Walt flipped over it too and said “it was a good trade”.. spoken in a really low voice) lol I cant wait to get a blown up version to frame for the studio!
    God’s speed in your dd’s hand healing:)
    The pics at NOTL are gorgeous! Thats where my Sensi Jane lives. I make it there once or twice a year only:( Its amazing in the summer, and freaking cold in January!!
    Thans again for the much loved cartoons:)

  2. Hey! I love bartering too! I currently have a wonderful hairdressor who is VP for our guild… I need a housekeeper barter!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmm Subject for a blog me thinks….lol

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