Toni’s quilt

I have a story about a very nice friend named Toni. A few years ago, I quilted sushi, koi and lots of interesting asian motifs into a quilt that was very striking. Anyhow, Toni also pieced that quilt, titled “sushi quilt.”

Sushi quilt was entered into the local fair show and the traditional judge did not “get” my quilting style, so it did not earn a ribbon that day. Toni was crushed and said to me at the time that, “I never have won a quilt award.”

Last year, Toni brought me another quilt top to do. Here it is, next to my dining nook:

I said to myself when I saw it that I was going to quilt it nice enough to win her some award. My challenge was that the piecing did not line up exactly, and how to take the judges attention away from that fact.

I used extra batting to help puff up those hearts, which had dense quilting all around it. Here’s a detail picture taken while still on my table:

This quilt was very striking when I finished. I hoped it would be enough for the local county show to earn Toni her very first ribbon. Here are some more pictures:

The judging for the county fair was held today. Toni just called me and she was so excited!! The judge had awarded it a 1st place in the largest category- Group Quilts. The judge apparently said that the quilt won based on the quality of the quilting. I am so happy for Toni and pleased that my little “project” actually panned out!!

Update: Toni just called me again to report her quilt took ‘Best of Show” and “Best Machine Quilting!!!” Woohoo!!!! Can you tell I’m happy with this outcome??

I told Toni that I must have a picture of her in front of the quilt and ribbon. I want to hang this up in my studio to remember Toni and this quilt.

Amazing how just a little extra effort on my part can mean so much to another person.

Hugs and good thoughts, Carla


6 thoughts on “Toni’s quilt

  1. Carla,

    Why was this gorgeous quilt not at MQS?????????? Fabulous, outstanding. love it. Just getting home from Kansas, talk to you tomorrow…..

  2. Thanks everyone! Ronda, I missed the deadline for MQS. To be honest, I had forgotten about this one until Toni called.

    Karen, I have pics of the sushi quilt on my old computer. The reason it didn’t place (imho) is that the judge for that show had a strong bias towards traditional applique quilts. That year, another quilt I worked on (with jill who posts here on occasion) won BOS, etc, but it clearly won for the applique work.

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