Congrats to my MQS friends!

International Machine Quilters Showcase is “the” show for machine quilters*. I was supposed to attend and have fun, however, I decided to change my mind the week before for various reasons.

Anyhow, I did get a very nice phone call last night from  Ronda Beyer, who had just learned she won a 1st place ribbon for her quilt, “Stars for Arden.” I am so happy for Ronda, here is the quilt label she asked me to make for her spectacular award winning quilt:

As indicated in the quilt label, this is a very special quilt. It is also one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. These pictures do not do it justice, but hopefully you may see her workmanship if you click twice on the thumbnails:

I also want to say CONGRATS to award winning quilters Carol Kimball and Suzanne Earley!! Both Carol and Suzanne also won awards at MQS!!! I share in their happiness!

Next year, I will attend MQS and I would love to enter a few quilts. One quilt will be a HUGE innovative wholecloth of one of my cartoons. Haven’t designed the others yet.

Have a good weekend! Oops, it is not yet Friday, so I jumped the gun. Have a nice Friday anyway! Regards, Carla

*Machine Quilters Expo is gaining popularity, though.


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