Collage Bead Bracelet

Been very busy quilting on my friend’s quilt, so not too much time for creative play. At times this can be frustrating since I see the finished design and projects in my head and they demand to be realized.

One such project has been a “collage bracelet.” This is a very simple project and can easily be easily done in no time. The time intensive part is shopping around and collecting just the right beads to satisfy your soul.


Basically, you collect a grouping of diverse and interesting beads or objects in various sizes and shapes. Large beads are good! Drilling objects to make your own beads is certainly encouraged. The point is to go with what feels “right” to you.

You will also need to locate a quote that you find meaningful, print it out in various sizes to adhere and seal to one large bead. If the bead has multiple sides, then I would place the quote on as many sides as you’d like. Here is a photoshopped example since my own quote will wind up on a painted larger square bead, I believe:


The quote is from Picasso and it reads, ““Art washes away from the soul
the dust of everyday life.” To find your own meaningful quote, there are many internet quote sites to search in. Instead of a quote, you could also add a meaningful date, name, words, location or event to a larger bead.

Once your beads and inspiring words are collected, then you would simply string them together to fit your wrist with a black elastic cording I purchased from my local bead shop.

I will show you my finished collage bracelet at a later date. I am missing just the right bead to collage onto, I’ve decided. So I guess that means another trip to the bead store, right? LOL!!

If you make your own collage bracelet (or necklace) with wording, please share with the rest of us. I know there are MANY creative souls out there who read my blog.

Have a wonderful weekend! Regards, Carla

7 thoughts on “Collage Bead Bracelet

  1. How cool is that?????? I want to be you, with all your creativity and energy… You will be deeply missed at MQS next week……

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