An Early Cartoon

Back in the initial creation of my cartoon, “Feathered Fibers,” I drew up an early sketch dealing with the question, “What if there were single bars at Quilting Conventions? ” This is was emerged out of that thought stream:

(cartoon removed due to copyright issues)

One day, I will redraw this one into a more polished toon and change the words on the bottom to read, “Slimy Machine Quilting pickup lines.”   Anyhow, I think this was the very first panel I sketched up and sent to some friends to get their input.  My friends were very encouraging, so I started drawing more.

As a budding cartoonist, it helps to have a slightly distorted sense of humor.  Gary Larson has an influence on my own style; I have always loved his cartoon, Far Side.

As mentioned before, I draw with a computer pen directly on my laptop screen.  It works out terrific for me until I lose my pen- which I seem to manage quite often.  Right now I am waiting for another shipment of pens to arrive so I can start drawing more toons again.

While I was on my boating trip, I sketched into a journal- and sometimes onto any blank paper nearby.  I was able to sketch and experiment with adding some new characters , too.

Back to work now.  Enjoy your day!  Regards, Carla


8 thoughts on “An Early Cartoon

  1. Want it to be even more sick? Change “my” to “me” – that’s how I read it the first time. LOL!
    How about:
    I bet we could do some fancy ruler work together.
    How about a line dance?
    Wow, you’ve got some hot continuous curves there!
    Want to meander on over to my coop?

  2. LOL Vicki!! I can see that you are a wealth of inspiration!! Actually, I sometimes draw some pretty warped stuff that never sees the light of day!

    Diane, thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Don’t bury any more of youur ideas. This is a perfect venue to show them. I don’t understand the quilting in-jokes at all, but that’s cool. And don’t worry about how well you draw. Just draw.

  4. Appreciate the encouragement, doug. As you may have guessed, my target market is quilting, though I would like to broaden it later on.

    Are you drawing/creating in photoshop?

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