Hello from NYC!!

As you can guess, I made it safely to NYC. Grabbed a taxi from the airport to where the boat was docked in a lower Manhattan marina located a block from the old World Trade Center site. We were tied up next to the World Financial Center sites.

boat NYC

Turned out that right after 9-11, this marina was a staging area for rescue workers. The various restaurants were used to feed the workers. We ran into many people who talked about their experience then.

We could see the Statue of Liberty from the boat, which was very cool. NYC is famous for the variety and quality of food in their restaurants. One of the perks of this trip is being fed by the boat owner, so we eat out every night. Yum!!!

We did the tourist double-decker bus, so we could explore the various parts of the city and get an overview. Of course, being a Project Runway junkie, I had to get a picture of Parsons School of Design in the fashion district- LOL No Tim Gunn in sight since he is now the creative director for Liz Claireborne.


I’m typing this from a small coffee house that has open mic night. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to hear what I’m listening to right now- some really bad music!!!

Hope everyone is well. Stay posted….



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