Headed to NYC…

Found a wireless network in the airport, so I thought I would take a minute to update my blog. I’m enroute to NYC to meet up with the boat I’ll be traveling on.

Good news! I received the green light to just grab a cab and get a direct, albeit, expensive ride into lower Manhattan. This will be easiest for me since I packed so much- though I did try really hard to pack light.

Tomorrow night, the plan is to see the show, “Jersey Boys.” Also, do the tourist bit around town. I do love the city, so much to see and do.

There might be a route change with the boat. The original plan was to head up the Hudson River to the Erie Canal to the Great Lakes to Northern MI. Captain Dave, aka my dear brother-in-law, said on the phone that we might be headed up to Nova Scotia instead.

Whatever route we take, it is bound to be fun!

Oh…as a side note, my sister says that my dad bought himself a pair of Crocs!!! He is not a croc kinda guy, so I will get a good laugh when I see him. Faithful blog readers might remember that last December my dad helped me to get my travel croc shot while in AZ. LOL

I will update my travel story and provide pictures as I find Wi-Fi along the way. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you will join me on my adventure!

Regards, Carla

PS: I forgot to mention that I received an email from one of my quilting friends, Barb, letting me know there is an article about a silk quilt I quilted for her on the Caltrans website. (The article was written by a non-quilter, so my name was not listed as the machine quilter). Anyway, if you scoll down you can see the quilt and quilting.


5 thoughts on “Headed to NYC…

  1. Hey, have fun! I didn’t think packing light was your forte– not with all those groovy new Crocs to wear!!
    Keep us posted on the journey– miss you!

  2. Carla, It sounds like you are going to have quite an adventure. I can’t wait to see where your crocs show up next! LOL
    Have a great time!

  3. Still hoping your trip takes you around the “tip of the Mitt”
    Might you get to Mackinac Island? It’s so pretty especially in the off season. Please do call If you get to Traverse City. Have a great time!

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