Baby Quilt- cowboy

As a professional machine quilter/ quilt whisperer in my day job, one of my perks is I see alot of quilts.  My favorite baby quilt pattern (which is good because I’ve quilted LOTS of these) is this one with a 3-D pinwheel.

barbed wire

99% of baby quilts seem to be more “girly” than boyish. Boy quilts require you to consider the theme of the quilt- which in this case was a ranch/cowboy theme.   I decided that the pinwheels were instead windmills on a ranch (with a windy sky) and barbed wire in the lattice.

Thanks to  Carol Kimball for the barbed wire quilting inspiration.   You  helped me out as my “quilt whisperer” skills were rusty today (ok, bad pun).

Next up is a baby sail boat quilt.  Hmmm….. I’m tempted to quilt a “Jaws” theme, but I might get in trouble!  LOL

One day, I will share some of the weirdest stuff I have ever quilted in a quilt.  Warning…it’s pretty weird- hahahaha!

Regards, Carla

10 thoughts on “Baby Quilt- cowboy

  1. Love your barb wire – it was so much fun designing it that night with Ronda and it is great to see it quilted. It is perfect for that quilt.

  2. Adorable! And alot of work! Carol and I had so much fun with that one. I think Carol went outside to view up close and personal the barbed wire at her house. Cute, cute, cute!

  3. Carla,

    That is perfect for this quilt. I printed out the barbed wire pic Carol posted on her blog and told her I might “use” it sometime! I think it is a clever idea.

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