Freeform scarf

Here’s my work in progress (WIP) on the freeform crochet front- a scarf using similar colorways than the scarf I made for Lynn.

freeform crochet

Above is the relatively unstructured style of FF I’ve done now for about a year. Now, my goal is to combine my unstructured FF with some structural elements for visual interest. I am self taught and I tend to love the marriage of color and texture in my work.

A finished scarf for my friend, Lynn, will be delivered in person tomorrow when I see her. I’m hoping she won’t read my blog today, so she will be surprised. LOL

Back to quilting: I pick up Michele (see previous post) at the airport and I’m hoping she will have some quilts with her for me to see her beautiful work. Speaking of work, when I get back from Bakersfield, I need to get busy and do some  quilts of my own. I will share them with you as I finish them.

Regards, Carla


4 thoughts on “Freeform scarf

  1. Cool scarf! Who wouldn’t love it – surprise or not? BTW – remember a while back when you posted about the Natural Sport shoes? I was in DSW today and they had several in stock. I wear orthotics so have to have “closed” shoes (no sandals). My orthotics fit in the NS shoes so I got a pair to try! I would not have noticed them if you had not posted about them. I like them because they are mesh and should breathe some. Thanks for posting about them! I actually got a total of 4 new pairs of shoes for $114 – what a bargain day!

  2. Thanks for the comments Suzanne and Scrunchyy, Lynn will be sure to love it and I used her favorite colors!

    Vicki, you are a terrific shopper! LOL Yes, I love them for the price and as a summer casual shoe. Ok, what colors did you buy?

    Take care, Carla

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