New Feathered Fibers Cartoon

I haven’t posted a new cartoon in a while, so I thought I would start out my week with a new toon, titled, “Machine Quilting Nighmares.”

(Note: Cartoon removed because of Copyright Infringement Issues.)

Luckily, I have never experienced the above scenario, however, I have heard plenty of stories from machine quilters who have. I’m still not 100% happy with toon yet… I might end up rewriting the words, but keeping the artwork. [Carla Note: Thanks to friend Susan Italo of Wild Onion Studio for some slight word changes reflected above!]

Drawing a cartoon is really hit or miss. Sometimes the muse hits and an idea flows off your pen and sometimes it doesn’t. For those interested, I draw my cartoon in a rather techno way- with a stylus directly onto the screen of my laptop computer using Photoshop. I then save the finished cartoon 2 ways- one as a large photoshop file and one downsized and saved for web publishing.

Have a wonderful week! Regards, Carla


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