Biodiesel and Creativity

Since today is Earthday, I thought I would share about my engineer DH’s biodiesel car conversion project and how that relates to creativity. Faithful readers might remember the post where my car was totalled while parked on a public street. I negotiated a fair settlement and am now looking for a used diesel car for my husband to convert into a car able to run on biodiesel or even french fry oil. A project like this makes sense- especially in a state with gas prices over $3 per gallon.

This means that yes, we will scout out a restaurant looking to dispose of their used oil, then process it into usable fuel. Since the byproduct of this process is soap- learning soapmaking skills is in my near future. LOL I can see chicken shaped Carla soaps and other interesting visual soaps that look and smell good.

Reuse- it is no secret that I love to shop at the thrift stores and hunt for items to be remade or reused. My previous sweater posts are an example. I also have been searching for sweaters to wash, then take apart and reuse the yarn in my freeform crochet projects.

Speaking of crochet, Shelley asks how I prepare the fabric strips for my fabric crochet bags. Let me dig up my pictures, so I can post visual instructions for Shelley and anyone else interested.

Fabric Crochet Preparation:

My preference is to use hand dyed fabrics or even batiks. Why? Because the color is saturated on both sides to give a rich color. Here’s a yummy picture:

strips of hand dyed fabrics

Basically, I find fabrics I like (or even old clothes), then I cut them into strips. My local quilt store saves me all their fabric trimmings, so don’t be afraid to ask your local store.

Cutting the fabric

Here’s how I join the fabric strips, by holding 2 fabrics together and making a slice through both, then threading the back fabric through and pulling tight:

cut fabricslit.jpgtight

The fabric used in my title header was completed a bit differently with cutting it double width (btw, the width you cut is a personal preference- experiment) and ironing it in half to get the more saturated spring color. Here’s a visual:


Here’s the finished project:

carla purse

Have a good Day! Regards, Carla

7 thoughts on “Biodiesel and Creativity

  1. Soap making…….that is on my ‘to learn’ list….that list is very long as there are so many things I want to learn to do.

    Your fabric crocheting is so colorful and pretty. The colors you have chosen these past months are just so cheery and lift my spirits when I see them.

    Thanks for sharing (and showing) how you join the strips together.

  2. Many thanks to you , Carla for taking the time to show me and whoever happens to view your beautiful and colorful work. Although i do not quilt at the present time i so look forward to trying to crochet with fabric strips . I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to even do a photo demo. Maybe one day our paths will cross and we will meet in person — perhaps at a fiber fest. Happy Hooking!!!
    all the best, Shelley Senker

  3. Vicki, thanks for cluing me in that you have some great posts on your website (look on my main page for the Blogroll titled, “Fieldtrips in Fiber”) for both soapmaking and lotion making.

    You are welcome to both Teresa and Shelley for the how-to!

    Shelley, I attend ArtFiberFest every year… do you attend that one or another?

    Thanks for stopping by! Regards, Carla

  4. Hi Carla,

    The bag looks great and I love your choice of fabrics. I have done this before…made my own yarn by tying fabric strips, lace, and strips of yarn together to made a ball. Really fun.


  5. Alma, I would love to see your fabric yarn, I’ll go search your blog for some pictures. Btw, I am in LOVE with your fiber beaded large beads, also I have always found your work to be very inspiring!

    Regards, Carla

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