My Favorite Cartoons

I wanted to repost favorite items I’ve created including some of my favorite cartoons for the new blog:

This first one was inspired by Ronda Beyer, after I retouched a picture of her in Photoshop standing in front of her quilted masterpiece for her cover article in Unlimited Possibilities quilting magazine. I decided my chicken needed her own masterpiece as well. Click twice on the image to see quilt details behind my chicken:


Real life often provide the best fodder for my toons. Yes, I once had a cat ruin about $300 worth of thread. This would be worse:


Next cartoon was inspired one day when I wanted to draw a toon based on an overhead perspective:


The last one I will share was actually one of the first panels drawn. Yes, this toon is probably closer to the truth than many will admit!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these! One of these days, I should post the toons that never went past the first sketch stage. Some of them are pretty funny, though admittedly inappropriate! LOL

Regards, Carla


13 thoughts on “My Favorite Cartoons

  1. Carla!

    This is great! You can really expand your blog with your creativity.
    I have bookmarked this so I can visit often.

    I LOVE your cartoons! May I print out the “wonky” one to hang in my studio?



  2. Oh Carla, I love your new blog. Your an inspiration to all of us as you do so many inspiring things. But how do you get so much stuff done???? But then I’m really slow at creative things. I look forward to seeing pictures of your trip to Michigan. I’ve seen the Great Lake (superoir) from the west side but I’m sure it doesn’t compare to the senery around the rest of them.

    Thank you again for being such an inspiration.

    Karen L in MN

  3. Hello to Terri, yes you have my permission to print out “wonky quilt” and hang in your studio. Hopefully, I will have available later this year some of my cartoon products available such as work aprons, calendar, mugs, etc. for purchase or at the machine quilting shows.

    Thank you for asking. It bears saying (I do need to put a message somewhere on the main page) that 99.9% of visitors to my blog will ask permission first if they want to download a picture. This is the ethical approach for when you like an item on an artist public blog. So- I big thank you for asking, Terri! Hugs, Carla

  4. Hello Karen, When I created this blog, I took a day off from the quilting studio to do so. I am so pleased I did as I’ve been wanting to make the change for some time.

    How do I find the time? Oh my… my studio needs sorting and while DH had been gone on his business trip, I’ve been buying easy to fix food to throw at the kids! LOL That frees up alot of time!!

    Yes, I’m taking the laptop on my yacht trip and will hopefully find some WiFi spots along the route.

    Thanks for visiting the new blog! Hugs, Carla

  5. Hi Carla, Love the new home:) I have been test driving one also… Not sure yet, but does allow alot more freedom. Only trouble is… who sees huh? friends, family customers? wonder what she might say today!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    Love love love the cartoons, cant live without em! Kids love em too:)
    Chat soon,

  6. Hi Gina, this site is much easier than using a site such as blogger, imho. I love that I get to change my header whenever the mood strikes, too. Hugs, Carla

  7. Carla,

    The wonky quilt ‘toon is hilarious ~ something to which we all can definitely relate! Your cartoons are great… hope you’re having as much fun drawing them as I did looking at them.
    My gosh, but you’re creative!

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  9. Great cartoons.. looking forward to 12 months worth… or how about 365 days …. 2008??? Your enjoyment shows in your work.. it makes people smile.. what a gift… Have fun.. Donna

  10. Carla, these are great! Have you contacted a magazine like Unlimited Possibilities to see about having these published regularly? You are very creative and funny. Your cartoons hit the mark every time. It would be a shame not to share these with the world.

  11. Thank you Donna and Rosemary, I enjoy drawing them. My family know when I am drawing a new toon because I have stylus and laptop in hand and I am snickering to myself as I draw.

  12. Carla, your cartoons are just wonderful! I hope you do end up getting thempublished somewhere. Would you mind if I downloaded the ‘wonky’ one? The comment about ‘it’ll quilt out, won’t it?’ comes up so often.
    cheers, cat

  13. Cat, thank you for asking permission. yes, You may download “Wonky Quilt” for your own personal use. Cheers back and thanks for stopping by! Regards, Carla

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