Fabric and More

I thought I would share with you some fabric I picked up while I was in Tahoe this past weekend. Here are a nice selection of black/whites with some cool colors:

Plus some batik:

and I also love this fabric by one of my favorite designers:

I just love the layering in the fabric above! I think if I made fabric, I would layer textures and colors like this.

I also picked up these patterns. The birdy one was given to me by Vicki Finchum (thanks Vicki!!) and the other I bought at the quilt store:

One of the projects I worked on was to make leaves with Mokuba Freelace:

I also made some fabric with texture using the mokuba freelace. Here are fat quarter trimmings from my local quilt store (they kindly save them for me) which are ready for stitching:

Watch for my mokuba freelace tutorial- coming soon!! I also have a phone number for where to buy this product.

That’s all for now. I have more to share tomorrow, plus I am busy quilting away this week! Oh yes, I also finished some more projects while up in Tahoe, too, to show you.

Happy Creating! Carla