Happy Halloween

Time of the year to share a Halloween cartoon.  This one was drawn a few years ago, maybe I will draw a new one this year.   Look Ma- no copyright watermark on this cartoon either.  Feel free to share it on your blog, just provide a link back to my blog in exchange:

I am happy to report that I finished my freeform beaded pendant yesterday, and now I am beading a strap to match.  I like how it is turning out.

Enjoy your day!  Carla

Embroidered Cartoon

Good Day!  I thought I would share an embroidered cartoon that Vicki Freeman completed.  Vicki has a website called Sassypacks.com and a blog of the same name.

What makes this embroidery special?  I will let you see for yourself:

Anyone notice my cartoon in the above picture? The name of this cartoon is “Slimy Machine Quilting Pickup Lines.”  LOL

Vicki wanted to do this embroidery and so she contacted me to obtain my permission.  I thought her project sounded fun, so I said yes.  Thanks, Vicki, for sending me a picture!  Fun project!  LOL

Hugs, Carla

Sketches and Dresses

Thanks for all the comments regarding my last post about copyright and people who help themselves to my art work  This does tell me that people like my work, perhaps I should offer them for sale as cards, framed art, calendar, etc.?

Here is a quick sketch that I do not mind anyone “borrowing.”  LOL

Some days, I just have to draw, you know?

Creative wise, I think I will design a dress for my granddaughter, Kate.  My dear daughter-in-law showed me a pillowcase dress she was thinking of making, but I think I can improve on the pattern and make my own variation.  Here is my sketch:

So that means I need some new fabric.  I have a huge fabric stash, but I can’t bring myself to use fabric from the stash.  After all, what if I need them for something else- like a quilt?  LOL  Does anyone else think this way?

If my Kate dress comes out cute, I will write a tutorial.  I haven’t written a tutorial in awhile, so I guess it is time.  Off to the fabric store now!

Cartoon Copyright

I want to discuss a pet peeve of mine- Copyright infringement.

At least once a week or more, I get an email from a wonderful blog reader who asks if I gave permission for one of my cartoons to appear in their Guild Newsletter, Quilt Store Newsletter, or other publication.  Usually, the answer is no, I haven’t given my permission.

This means I now have to take time away from creative pursuits to write a letter, asking them to not publish my cartoon without my permission.   I also have to now pull down all my cartoons from my blog, and replace them with heavy watermarks on each cartoon on illustration:

In most cases, Guilds or Stores do not realize that because a cartoon is posted on my blog,  it does not make it OK to borrow.   Many do not understand that my cartoon is unique to me, and it is my intellectual property.

So I want to let my regular blog readers know why all my cartoons will have large watermarks on them.

I would appreciate hearing your comments on this subject.  Regards, Carla

New Look

I decided to do up a new blog header since I had used the old one for a long time.  I knew I wanted a clean look, so I chose a simple template to build on.

I almost added this chicken, but then decided not to.


Carla Chicken

Hmmmm……. maybe I should put it to a vote?  Do you want a chicken in the header or a bird?  If you prefer a chicken- do you want Chicken 1 or Chicken 2?

Carla Chicken 2

Take care, Carla


Creative Update

Hello from Carla!!  I thought I would give you a creative update.  The registration for the June Beg. Photoshop Elements Class has been very successful!  On Friday, June 10, 2011, I will close registration for this class, so it is not too late.  See this post for more info, including a link to register.

Creative wise, I am in the process of taking my Tablet Class and converting it to be an online class.  To do this, you basically shoot lots of screen shot videos and edit them.  I really love teaching in on online format, and meeting students from all over the globe is yet another side benefit of teaching online.

I sent out a newsletter a few days ago, letting students know that the June Beg. PSE class is the prerequisite for my Tablet class.  What is a Tablet class, you might be wondering?

Since I started quilting professionally back in 2004, I had a tablet PC (a laptop with the ability to draw on the monitor screen), so I started designing quilts with my tablet.  This evolved into drawing the cartoons, and other digital work.  Here are some examples, including this quilt design I drew for Amy, a talented quilter:

Here is a random cartoon:

And, here is a handout for a class:

There is so much you can do artistically with a tablet, or a tablet plug-in or Tablet PC, so that is basically what my class will teach you!

Other news: I now have a new adorable grandson named Ethan, and love having Jack (my grandson, now 3) and Kate (granddaughter, age 1) over  to visit!  There is nothing like grandchildren, they melt your heart!

Sarge, the new dog, is a joy to own!  He has bonded with the family and he just got a summer cut, so he looks funny.  I’ll have to show you.

My goal this week is to tackle cleaning my studio.  Anyone else need to organize their studio, too?

What are YOU up to?  Carla

Merry Christmas!!

Here is my annual Chicken Christmas Cartoon:

I guess this is why you don’t see many Santa Chickens- How would that belly fit down the chimney??   LOL!!

This year, as a joke gift, I bought my husband many “As Seen On TV” products I thought he would like.  So, he received the Perfect Brownie Pan, the Big Top Cupcake (which is just a huge cupcake shaped cake), the Draft Guard, and the Ov-Glove.  He got a good laugh, then went and made his first Big Top Cupcake cake.

Btw, his “real” gift was a new electric guitar- a Fender American Select Mahogany Stratocaster HSS. For you guitar fans, his other guitar is a Gibson Les Paul.  He loves his new Fender, so I guess I did good.

We are spending Christmas with my oldest son and DDIL, who happens to be the parents of Jack and Kate.   Spending quality time with the kids and grandkids is what I enjoy most about Christmas!

How was your Christmas or Holiday?  Carla

Put Another Candle On My Bithday Cake

Yes, I have a birthday today, November 5th.  To celebrate it, I am posting my birthday cartoon:

To celebrate,  Joe is taking me to a surprise restaurant tonight.  I would tell you what it is, only it is a surprise, right?  LOL

I still haven’t picked my present yet.  I am finally going to get a new tablet computer, but I need to decide between 2 types.

I will confess to doing some internet shopping yesterday.  I decided to buy this product, called the “BedLounge,” because  I am locating lots of helpful items that will make my life more comfy.  Picture me relaxing like this lady:

Then,  I decided that what I was missing was this product:

From Brookstone, this is called, the Nap luxe blanket.  It is made out of a very soft material.

Comfort is a good thing!  Hugs, Carla